Dec 18, Your Move

Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed

“if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move; Nothing will be impossible for you” (Matthew 17:14–20) I was going to summarise all the amazing highlights of 2018 and paint the perfect picture without speaking on the down and […]

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Oct 17, Your Culture

Prayer Over Practice

As someone brought up into an African-Christian home, I viewed many things through the lens of spirituality. This was very helpful to me and became a comforting coping mechanism for trauma; however, it robbed me of great reasoning. For example, if someone suffered from heart failure, I’d pay little attention to the fact that their […]

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Apr 16, Your Culture


I have been weary…. Weary of being weary And tired of being tired I have wanted to fly to a place Far East where the sun Kisses the sea or even better Vanish to where the wind blows And never returns Solitude hugged my soul and Discontentment had become A familiar song to my ears […]

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Mar 16, Your Culture

What is my Identity?

Some think their identity lies in the type of clothes they wear; the amount of money they have; how prestigious their career is or even what other people think of them but these factors should not define who you are. We shouldn’t assign our identity to materialistic things. You have characteristics inside of you that makes […]

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Feb 16, Your Culture

What love you looking for?

Having read so many books and watched so many sermons on relationships, I was quite shocked to find that I didn’t know what to write for this blog. With #RelationshipGoals trending for the past few months and Valentine’s Day just round the corner, love is certainly in the air. But I want to focus on […]

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