Nov 18, Your Culture

Policing Of Black Boys In Schools

I’m sure when I say that as a black man I have to face stereotypes, discriminatory practice and racism on a daily basis, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Despite these institutional set backs, over the years, I have been able to adapt my behaviour in order to ‘minimise’ or combat these stereotypes. This skilful […]

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May 18, Your Culture

Where’s Our Narrative?

I love reading a variety of articles and books that allow me to debate and develop my own identity as a creative artist but also to help me grow into the black woman I want to be. Ever since I began nursery till today, a massive percentage of books and poems I’ve read are by […]

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Feb 18, Your Move

Student Politics: Don’t just be a face, be a Voice

3 years ago a shy but highly optimistic Black Girl started University with no knowledge of how I would survive being by myself and confused on how I could navigate through life while studying a Degree in Politics. 3 years later, I manage to survive university with less than 6 months to go before I […]

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