May 18, Your Culture

Where’s Our Narrative?

I love reading a variety of articles and books that allow me to debate and develop my own identity as a creative artist but also to help me grow into the black woman I want to be. Ever since I began nursery till today, a massive percentage of books and poems I’ve read are by […]

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Feb 18, Your World

Is homosexuality un-African?

It’s no secret that homophobia is rife in Africa and the diaspora; at large. From the one thousand and one songs we all bop to condemning gay people to death, to the fact that homosexuality is still deemed a criminal activity in most African countries, it’s safe to say that most Africans were raised in […]

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Oct 17, Your Culture

Thoughts on Black History Month

During my early teenage years, black history month was exciting. Growing up in Nigeria, blackness was a concept that was unfamiliar to me. It wasn’t until I moved to London that this identity was assigned to me. Trying to understand what this meant and if, or how, it changes anything (spoiler alert – it does); […]

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Oct 16, Your Culture

Black History Month

Black history month. Black history. Black. History. Month. Already some will start to feel uneasy, Controversial topic, offence comes easy, So be prepared to disagree, But my words come unapologetically. Black history month. A month? Our history crammed into a month? I mean we cram appreciation for parents into a day, so maybe I shouldn’t […]

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