Sept 18, Your Move

How to strategise and protect your mental health while pushing for diversity and inclusion at work

Diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords across many industries and have become common topics for panel discussions, especially within the professional services sector. Working in law, there are countless diversity events, initiatives and award ceremonies and it seems like everyone has gone a bit diversity mad. However, when actively working in an organisation where you […]

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Apr 18, Your Move

Ekua Haizel Update

It’s been 8 months since your last interview – How has your Vision for Ekua Haizel changed since then? From where it all started in 2014, a dream and not much of a vision. To the days, weeks and years spent growing with the brand and dedicating everything to making the dream a reality. Our fifth […]

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Mar 18, Your World

The Business of ‘Buying Black’

#Supportblackowned #buyblack #blackbritishbusiness The cause for ‘buying black’ has once again gained momentum in recent years. I say once again as this is a cause that is nothing new. Advocates for supporting black-owned businesses and black entrepreneurs have been vocal since the civil rights movement.  In this new age of social media though, as consumers, […]

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Sept 17, Your Move

Recruitment Agencies for BAME’s

Ron Shillingford, writing for the Powerlist Foundation, stated that: “The myth that black millennials only excel in sport and entertainment has always frustrated me immensely. The many negative stereotypes of black people have also been a great source of irritation. Occasionally we see a black millennial heralded in the mainstream media for academic or artistic […]

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Sept 17, Your Culture

Surviving University Without Student Finance

University is said to be the best time of your life, a time your lives transform in many ways but also a time for you to set the foundation for your future. However, for many students in UK University’s it might also be a time of financial hardship which means you will have to support […]

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Jul 17, Your Move

So, What’s Next?

I graduated from an BSc economics degree in July and since then whether I am talking to friends, family, acquaintances or even my doctor the question ‘So, what’s next?’ always seems to come up. Now this in itself is not a bad question, but when you are not too sure or have absolutely no idea […]

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Contact Us, Your Move

Your Move, Our Services

We are a team of graduates and masters students from top universities such as the University of Surrey, SOAS, and the University of Birmingham. We offer affordable professional career and educational aid e.g. helping with your CV, cover letters, personal statements, university financial planning, proofreading, and editing. Common mistakes made by those who might benefit […]

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sept 16, Your Move

Dear Freshers

Dear Freshers, If there is one bit of advice I could give any 18 year old who is currently looking at #UniAdvice on Twitter, and joining Whatsapp/Facebook groups with future course mates, it is this: Do not spend your entire 3/4 years achieving a 2:1 while gaining weight, casualy attending a few society events, complaining […]

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Apr 16, Your Move

Why Recruitment Is Just Like Online Dating!

Unrealistic Expectations – We all have our perfect match in mind. Mine being a tall South American who loves Arsenal and Little Mix.  Whilst it is an ideal I dream about way too much and genuinely believe I will find each time I login to my dating app. In reality the chances are slim to […]

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