Mar 18, Your Move

Interview: MoMinerals Makeup

Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a passionate problem solver and a promoter of self confidence. I co founded MoMineral makeup brand, a natural makeup brand that cater for women of colour in 2014. Prior to the launch of MoMineral Makeup, I worked as a makeup artist. I also hold a BSc in […]

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Aug 17, Your Culture

5 items under £10 for a full face of makeup

As a student there are times when you find yourself so broke that you’re relying on 3 for £1 deal of indomine at Asda to get you through the week before student loan drops. In these times you often reminisce about the items you had bought at the beginning of the semester that you could […]

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Jan 17, Your Culture

Wearing a bold lipstick

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well. I’m back today with a quick beauty post and I’ll be talking you through some easy tips to step up your lipstick application from level 50 to 100 lol. It only adds 2 minutes extra to the process of applying lipstick but it makes a noticeable difference. Honestly, […]

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Nov 16, Your Culture

Autumn Fashion

Autumn is present and my, oh my it’s chilly! Nevertheless fashion prevails over suffering. We have been inspired by Goth Glam A/W trends from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and Alexander Wang with quite grungey shoes and sharp ruffles etc. It’s an excuse to wear all black and get away with it! We incorporated […]

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Mar 16, Your Culture

Makeup for beginners! – A start up guide

When I started wearing makeup – and by that I mean wearing more than just lip-gloss – I must say I was quite confused as to what products to try out first! To be honest I’m still confused as there are so many brands and makeup product types to choose from… so where do you really start? Well, […]

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Feb 16, Your Culture

Take the pain out of foundation shopping

A good base is the beginning of a flawless face and should in no circumstances be underestimated (sorry I got so serious, I care).  I have pulled together the top tips that will help you on along the difficult road of foundation shopping. It’s all about that base. If you want a face ‘beat to […]

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Feb 16, Your Move

‘Lash it out UK’ interview

Inspiring you on your next move This month’s inspirational female entrepreneur: Melica Lashley Q: Tell us a bit about your business? So my business is beauty related its called ‘Lash It Out UK’ and it is a brand of eyelashes. People ask me what makes my lashes different to everybody else’s and my response is […]

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