Nov 18, Your Culture

Dear Sisters, A Letter From A Brother

Dear Sisters, A letter from a brother. Sisters, have you ever wondered why men hardly express emotions in relationships? Do you ever wonder why your man generally seems emotionally absent except from those moments of intimacy you share in bed? Perhaps you wonder why your father never expressed emotion; or remained emotionally unavailable to you, […]

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Nov 17, Your Culture

For The Mandem

As 2018 is about to close and I sit and reflect about our generation, the more I realise that we’re among the most judgmental generation of all time. Us, as men must act tough and look a certain way for us to be considered “manly”. However, what this world has forgotten is that we are […]

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Apr 18

Why Do I Feel Like My Blackness is Being Policed?

Young black boy, there is more than one way to be black. Just like everything else, blackness comes in different forms. My adolescence cried for these words. Perhaps looking back, I’m being obtuse. Reality is, would my adolescent person willingly accept and comprehend the meaning behind these words? Questionable. Fragile, comparable to glass, easily shattered […]

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