Nov 17, Your Culture

For The Mandem

As 2018 is about to close and I sit and reflect about our generation, the more I realise that we’re among the most judgmental generation of all time. Us, as men must act tough and look a certain way for us to be considered “manly”. However, what this world has forgotten is that we are […]

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Sept 18, Your Move

Graduate blues

Graduation ceremonies are a celebratory occasion. A pivotal life event where your friends and family come together to celebrate your achievements over the past 3-4 years. It is a day which is often remembered for a lifetime. But what comes after that? It is the first time in many young people’s lives where there is […]

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Oct 17, Your Culture

Prayer Over Practice

As someone brought up into an African-Christian home, I viewed many things through the lens of spirituality. This was very helpful to me and became a comforting coping mechanism for trauma; however, it robbed me of great reasoning. For example, if someone suffered from heart failure, I’d pay little attention to the fact that their […]

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