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An online platform with the main purpose of aiding Black British millennial’s in their professional and educational careers. We also cover a range of social, economic and political issues faced within ‘Black Britain’, whilst also promoting aspects of our culture often overlooked in mainstream media in hopes of engaging other millennial’s in a conversation. Check […]

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Your World

Why the advertising industry needs diversity

So it’s January 2018, I am doing my regular morning scroll on the TL while on my commute to work. Nothing out of the ordinary: Trump doing a madness, some guy chatting about women deceiving men with make-up, a girl promoting her christian blog, and then BAM. H&M’s new children’s campaign comes up. The monkey-jumper […]

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Oct 18, TM Podcasts

#TMPodcast Ep2: Black Feminism

Hello! It’s black history month so we decided to give you all TWO podcasts this month which are available on BOTH ITunes and Soundcloud! This episode is all about Black Feminism. In this episode we discuss the Serena Williams v Naomi Osaka tennis match which rocked the world with debate, black men and white women’s perception of […]

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August 18, TM Podcasts

#TMPodcast Ep1 Pt1

We have been quiet in July but not without cause! We are extending the conversations often written about by ourselves and our talented bloggers to the podcast medium. The Move Hub team asked an array of questions in the annual Survey Monkey and the demand for diversifying the way we talk to you was clear. […]

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Jun 18, Your World

Raheem, Rifles and Racism

Raheem Sterling is a 23 year old father. He is a Jamaican by birth. British by trade. He is also a Golden Boy recipient and one of the highest paid under 23’s in the world. A feat achieved by making bold decisions, such as choosing football over a life of crime, and working increasingly hard […]

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Dec 17, Your World

Should we separate the art from the artist?

Should we still watch House of Cards after the Kevin Spacey thing? Is it okay to listen to R Kelly after all the allegations? What about XXXtentacion? Harvey Weinstein? Meek Mill?? Bill Cosby??? If you know me, you know I refuse to listen to Kodak Black. It’s not that I don’t like his music, to […]

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Feb 17, Your World


LoveNotWar Last year with everything on the news on what was going on in Aleppo, my heart ached and in my time of prayer I was moved to put my frustrations with the current state of the world into action. I’m a firm believer of loving people from the centre of who you are and […]

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Nov 16, Your World

Black Britain reacts to President – Elect Trump

After witnessing months and months of one of the most controversial Presidential elections, despite the opinion of polls which up to this point had been very much in favour of Hillary Clinton, this week America decided to elect Donald Trump as president for the next 4 years. Black Britain took to social media to reflect […]

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sept 16, Your World

France vs The Burkini

The idea that a woman can be forced to bare more flesh or face being fined sounds extremely ludacris; However, this is the exact conundrum faced by a Muslim woman in France this summer. Born from combing the words ‘burqa’ and ‘bikini’ a burkini is a head to toe bathing suit which enables Muslim women […]

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