Dec 18, Your Move

Interview: Onidodo

1. Tell us a bit about Onidodo Onidodo means plantain seller in Yoruba, a language spoken in Nigeria. However the name was created by our last name Oni and Dare’s favourite food plantain which means Dodo in Yoruba. Onidodo started as a supperclub in 2014 and we were fortunate to launch February 2018. Onidodo is […]

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Aug 17, Your Culture

From Nigeria with love

Meat pies for me always take me back to my first year of university, my mum worried that I would not be able to look after myself made me a large batch of meat pies to take to university with me. I termed them my emergency pies. I used to freeze them and when it […]

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Mar 17, Your Culture

Mum’s The Word

The only time peace and quiet reigns in Iyabo’s household are when the tenants fall asleep. At all other hours of the day noise is a permanent lodger. If it is not the pots banging against the pans, then surely it is the screaming matches over the phone between relatives. For it is said that […]

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