Mar 17, Your Culture

Mum’s The Word

The only time peace and quiet reigns in Iyabo’s household are when the tenants fall asleep. At all other hours of the day noise is a permanent lodger. If it is not the pots banging against the pans, then surely it is the screaming matches over the phone between relatives. For it is said that […]

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Nov 16, Your World

Black & British? – The paradox unravelled

“Too Nigerian to be British and too British to be Nigerian” “Too Nigerian to be British and too British to be Nigerian.” A rhetoric I know all too well. Is it possible to be Black and British? Let me delve into this My name is Olajide, “Jide” for short. Those of the smart ones in […]

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Nov 16, Your Culture

Why I Changed my name.

A few weeks ago I listened to a short clip of an interview by former blue peter presenter Andy Akinwolere (see link below for the clip) if you watched blue peter back in the day many of you would recognise him, but if not look to the left for his photo. In the interview he […]

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Feb 16, Your Culture

Intercultural dating

Although interracial dating is a prevalent issue in our society right now, there has also been an increasing rise in intercultural dating. Although many who are under the ‘Black British’ title share the same race, our heritages can be completely different which can cause joyous and difficult moments when it comes to relationships. So as […]

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