Jun 18, Your Culture

Missed Call: Self Love

This article is about the struggles that come with trying to love the self. Me and self love have an awkward relationship. Some days, it won’t answer my calls. Won’t text back. Other days we are on good terms, we send each other love notes in the form of smiles and minimal hiding. I remember […]

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Jan 18, Your Culture

Shopping List.

Skittles Cellphone Loud music Cigarettes Cigarillos Shopping Toy gun Failure to signal CDs Broken tail light Falcon Heights. I waltz around this wildly ethnic store with my western white eyes. westernised and closed eyes. I see ‘woke‘ t-shirts all around me. Why, have these folk been asleep all along?  Melanin flavoured fabrics and supremacy resistant […]

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Your Culture

Loud Family

You and me will always tight arguing every single day and night – even when you catch me acting like a fool on the phone to Mr. Right. A bond that is ever so light, you’ll still get corned for thinking you’re so bright. LOUD FAMILY they’ll make you scream, every time they holla, family… […]

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Nov 17, Your Culture


Diaspora Diaspora Motherland, I never saw her Well maybe only once As a baby Went to another land Mother and Father In hand In tow with two siblings Away from my other brothers and sisters In another land Other culture Where vultures Feed in appropriate ways Pass it on as diversity Just to get a […]

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Sept 17, Your World

Of Liberation and Sight…

“You Only Ever Saw Yourself through the Eyes of those You Claim Oppressed You!” You Sought “Liberation” but Continue to Speak as they Spoke. You Sought “Liberation” but Continue to Think as they Thought. You Sought “Liberation” but Continue to hold firm to their Concepts. You Sought “Liberation” but Continue to hold firm to their […]

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Sept 17, Your Culture

It’s Your Time Now

Here. Are you here? Breathe in, Breathe out You are here now. This one goes out to my young Black British Millennial trying to negotiate their place in the system. A system that did not have you in mind when it was built. A system that has lied often, that has changed the rules mid-game. […]

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Oct 16, Your Culture

Black History Month

Black history month. Black history. Black. History. Month. Already some will start to feel uneasy, Controversial topic, offence comes easy, So be prepared to disagree, But my words come unapologetically. Black history month. A month? Our history crammed into a month? I mean we cram appreciation for parents into a day, so maybe I shouldn’t […]

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Apr 16, Your Culture


I have been weary…. Weary of being weary And tired of being tired I have wanted to fly to a place Far East where the sun Kisses the sea or even better Vanish to where the wind blows And never returns Solitude hugged my soul and Discontentment had become A familiar song to my ears […]

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