Sept 18, Your Move

Interview: Connect4Better (Cee4Bee)

Tell us a bit about Cee4Bee Connect4Better (Cee4Bee) is a three year old charity which sets out to improve the life chances of the minority black Afro-Caribbean living in UK. We want to reduce the statistics surrounding poverty within the Black community and want to see more Black African-Caribbeans breaking the glass ceiling in the […]

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Oct 17, Your World

What Will The Next Generation Think Of Us?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Many often define this period of time as the ‘liberal movement’. A time where human rights reign and the tragedies against humanity which did prevail are now seen as events and periods we judge, learn from, and remember the innocent people who suffered (e.g. slavery, extinction/mass murder). […]

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Jan 17, Your World

The Cause of Terror

Western media makes it impossible for us to go a few days without being reminded of the immanent threat of a terrorist attack. Whether they mean to or not headlines such as ‘Massacre in Paris‘ and ‘terror fanatic beheads soldier‘ evoke feelings of fear and anxiety into anyone who reads it, it reminds us that […]

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Feb 16, Your World

Dependency or Self-sufficiency?

In 1970 the world’s richest countries agreed to give 0.7% of their GNI (Gross National Income) as aid to developing countries. Now 45 years on and trillions & trillions of dollars later my question is, where has all this money been spent when still more than 35% of people in Africa live on less than […]

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