Nov 18, Your Culture

Policing Of Black Boys In Schools

I’m sure when I say that as a black man I have to face stereotypes, discriminatory practice and racism on a daily basis, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Despite these institutional set backs, over the years, I have been able to adapt my behaviour in order to ‘minimise’ or combat these stereotypes. This skilful […]

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Oct 18, Your Move

Melanin Medics and The Racial Disparities In UK Medicine

Melanin Medics is an organisation dedicated to supporting the UK community of African-Caribbean aspiring medics, medical students and medical professionals – while also tackling the underrepresentation of African-Caribbean’s in UK Medicine. Melanin Medics has been focused on implementing practical, effective and positive solutions to help overcome underrepresentation and the multiple socio-economic barriers in the medical […]

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TM Podcasts

#TMPodcast Ep1 Pt2

Welcome to all our listeners! It’s your hosts @cillahope_, @toro_ox and @jaytheeking. To launch our podcasting move off in full flow we decided to give you all a TWO part episode this month!! Following on from our previous convo on the Black British experience we are discussing an array of hot topics from the impacts of pornography […]

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Jun 18, Your World

Raheem, Rifles and Racism

Raheem Sterling is a 23 year old father. He is a Jamaican by birth. British by trade. He is also a Golden Boy recipient and one of the highest paid under 23’s in the world. A feat achieved by making bold decisions, such as choosing football over a life of crime, and working increasingly hard […]

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May 18, Your Culture

Where’s Our Narrative?

I love reading a variety of articles and books that allow me to debate and develop my own identity as a creative artist but also to help me grow into the black woman I want to be. Ever since I began nursery till today, a massive percentage of books and poems I’ve read are by […]

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Mar 18, Your World

Black Panther: The World is Changing

So if you’re reading this, you’ve most probably seen the highly commended, record breaking film that is ‘Black Panther’. It earned the best opening weekend at the box office ever for February with $192 million over 3 days. It’s also the 5th best opening ever for a 3-day and 4-day opening weekend, beating “Avengers: Age […]

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Feb 18, Your Culture

Embracing the Black British Experience

The first time I saw a black woman with braids on BBC news I screamed; not out of horror, but out of shock, for the first time ever I saw a journalist who looked just like me on British television. For the first time ever, I felt represented as a Black Brit. Growing up, I […]

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Oct 17, Your Culture

What do we do next?

  I’ve really struggled to write this piece, it’s weighed on me mentally because at the point of research and inquiry into what I wanted to convey as a message, I realized I was unable to find concrete definitions for what racism and white supremacy has become, and yes, they have both evolved. One of […]

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Oct 17, Your Culture, Your World

Racial Colour-blindness in the UK

We are all one race, the human race  Things are so much better now, there are so many jobs out there now.  Not everything has to do with race I’m not a racist but… I’m not racist some of my friends are Black  “I don’t have a racist bone in my body?” That is not […]

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