Oct 17, Your Culture

Prayer Over Practice

As someone brought up into an African-Christian home, I viewed many things through the lens of spirituality. This was very helpful to me and became a comforting coping mechanism for trauma; however, it robbed me of great reasoning. For example, if someone suffered from heart failure, I’d pay little attention to the fact that their […]

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Jul 17, Your Culture

The Torn Artisan

Growing up in a westernised society and away from the homelands, I was blessed with freedom and opportunities to succeed in life. But with that, I knew I would have to work twice as hard to prove myself and to others that it can be done because being a black, muslim, female is a rare […]

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Mar 17, Your Culture

Moroccan adventures

Morocco legitimately gave me some of the best memories of my youth. It was my first visit to an African country which a friend and I visited for our graduation holiday Go during ramadan: First of all, it was sooooo cheap. Like ridiculously cheap. We were able to get a bed and breakfast deal in […]

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Jan 17, Your World

The Cause of Terror

Western media makes it impossible for us to go a few days without being reminded of the immanent threat of a terrorist attack. Whether they mean to or not headlines such as ‘Massacre in Paris‘ and ‘terror fanatic beheads soldier‘ evoke feelings of fear and anxiety into anyone who reads it, it reminds us that […]

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Nov 16, Your World

The Scapegoat

The most repeated commandment in the Bible is ‘Do not be afraid’. It was repeated a total of 365 times one some form (once per day- coincidence? I think not). Meaning that this is a strong commandment in both the Qu’ran and Torah also, considering that they share the same Abrahamic God and have corresponding […]

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sept 16, Your World

France vs The Burkini

The idea that a woman can be forced to bare more flesh or face being fined sounds extremely ludacris; However, this is the exact conundrum faced by a Muslim woman in France this summer. Born from combing the words ‘burqa’ and ‘bikini’ a burkini is a head to toe bathing suit which enables Muslim women […]

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Apr 16, Your Culture

Coming out

I grew up in a fairly strict Caribbean household. My grandfather was a pastor back in Jamaica. And both grandparents on my mothers side were heavily involved in their own churches. As a result so were my parents, especially when I was young. I would be at Sunday morning service and sometimes the evening too. […]

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