Nov 18, Your Culture

Dear Sisters, A Letter From A Brother

Dear Sisters, A letter from a brother. Sisters, have you ever wondered why men hardly express emotions in relationships? Do you ever wonder why your man generally seems emotionally absent except from those moments of intimacy you share in bed? Perhaps you wonder why your father never expressed emotion; or remained emotionally unavailable to you, […]

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Jun 18, Your Culture

Missed Call: Self Love

This article is about the struggles that come with trying to love the self. Me and self love have an awkward relationship. Some days, it won’t answer my calls. Won’t text back. Other days we are on good terms, we send each other love notes in the form of smiles and minimal hiding. I remember […]

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Feb 18, Your Culture

Staying Single Is My Way Of Practicing Self Care

I have avoided the conversation of my relationship status around valentines day, if you follow my blog you would know I am not shy when it comes to speaking about being single. However around this time of the year I try to focus on anything and everything else to distract myself from feeling lonely. But […]

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Nov 17, Your Culture

Stay in your lane

How much of our frustration in life is caused by wondering and worrying what others are doing? I’d venture to guess that it’s A LOT! Other than that, how many years have been subtracted from your life and nights of good sleep because of stress about what others think? Why do you care about what […]

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Sept 17, Your Culture

A Season of Selfishness?

How do you guys know when summer is over? For me Nottinghill Carnival on August bank holiday weekend marks the start of a transition. Usually by this point I’d have made use of my pre-summer purchases, seen the people I said I would catch up with, at least started on a few projects and repaired […]

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Aug 17, Your Culture

Self-love and Relationships

Self-love is the foundation in which a successful relationship stems from. When you are secure in yourself and what you have to offer, you are able to give and receive love authentically. We often make the mistake of believing that self-love is a selfish act when in actual fact it’s about getting in touch with […]

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