Jun 18, Your Culture

‘Tis the season to wear florals!!!!

Groundbreaking right?! Not really. BUT sometimes it’s good to stick to what you know and how you feel in what you find comfortable. We’re all for diversity in style however, have you ever thrown on something basic and been given a ton of compliments for it? This outfit was one of those times! I got […]

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Oct 17, Your World

What Will The Next Generation Think Of Us?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Many often define this period of time as the ‘liberal movement’. A time where human rights reign and the tragedies against humanity which did prevail are now seen as events and periods we judge, learn from, and remember the innocent people who suffered (e.g. slavery, extinction/mass murder). […]

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Oct 17, Your Culture

Give me a discount or better yet give it to me for free

You hear so many people, campaigns and businesses get behind the slogan, ‘support our own.’ referring to the importance of supporting black owned businesses. I am one of many people who support this, mainly because if it is a quality product or service why not pay like you would at Selfridges, Tesco or Amazon. Sounds […]

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