Jan 18, Your World


What does the rest of the 21st century hold for the oldest continent in the world? All my life, I have been taught by Western society that the African continent is downtrodden by its own inequities such as rife destitution, corruption, poor levels of education, poor infrastructure and perpetual war. Even as a person of […]

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Dec 17, Your World


Social media is a very new form of communication and we are the first generation who are growing up with it and experiencing its highs and lows. But because we are the first generation who have been there from the humble beginnings of BB, Bebo, and Myspace to the modern day giants of Twitter, Insta, […]

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Oct 17, Your World

What Will The Next Generation Think Of Us?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Many often define this period of time as the ‘liberal movement’. A time where human rights reign and the tragedies against humanity which did prevail are now seen as events and periods we judge, learn from, and remember the innocent people who suffered (e.g. slavery, extinction/mass murder). […]

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Aug 17, Your World

What is Rape Culture?

Rape culture is a sociological/anthropological term (no, it’s not crazy SJW talk) used to describe how rape is prevalent and normalised due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. Rape culture refers to how, as a culture, we are socialised to see certain situations as normal or “just how things are”. It ranges from ‘harmless’ […]

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Jun 17, Your Move

Undergrad -> Postgrad

Many people decide to stay on for masters after they finish their undergraduate degrees because they think it will prolong the university experience and the timeframe until they have to start ‘adulting’ properly. However, for myself anyway, this has not been the case! My postgraduate life studying international law, ethics & politics has been very […]

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Jan 17, Your World

Race is Sociology, not Biology

I can honestly say that race did not mean a great deal to me until moving to America. I felt as though race was a biological (as in maybe there is some truth behind black people having denser bones and so not as good at swimming) which could cause social or cultural differences. But it […]

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