Sept 18, Your Move

Graduate blues

Graduation ceremonies are a celebratory occasion. A pivotal life event where your friends and family come together to celebrate your achievements over the past 3-4 years. It is a day which is often remembered for a lifetime. But what comes after that? It is the first time in many young people’s lives where there is […]

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Jan 18, Your Move

What’s the worst that can happen?

Sometimes we want to do things in life, but often fear appears to hold us back. We have our heart set out to do something but the negative voices in our heads seems so loud. What we most desired, suddenly brings a crippling fear into our hearts because we fear one thing, failure. Essentially the […]

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Your Culture

Make Room For My Name

“It’s difficult to talk about double messages without having a twin tongue.” Audre Lorde, Zami: A New Spelling of My Name I think of this quote from Audre Lorde and wonder why there is very little space for a Black British woman to write herself, moreover, write herself freely without contention. It is not that […]

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Sept 17, Your Move

Making the right module choices at university

If you are studying for a degree in the UK, you might get the option of selecting your modules at some point during your University degree. Making module choices is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a university student, so it is important to think about this decision carefully So here are […]

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Aug 17, Your Culture

5 items under £10 for a full face of makeup

As a student there are times when you find yourself so broke that you’re relying on 3 for £1 deal of indomine at Asda to get you through the week before student loan drops. In these times you often reminisce about the items you had bought at the beginning of the semester that you could […]

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Jul 17, Your Culture

Black Brit in the states

I studied abroad in my second year of university at the University of Maryland, College Park (don’t worry, this was before Trump). It was a truly life changing experience which I would recommend to anyone if given the opportunity. I knew that I wanted to write a post about my time abroad and thought that […]

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Feb 17, Your World

Long Distance Relationships

Relationships require a range of ingredients to make them function, much like a cake. Flour, Icing, Butter, Communication, Trust and Respect, just to name a few. In 2017 relationships and unions are built from the most amazing circumstances i.e. abroad, while studying, travelling and online. There is something romantic about knowing you met someone in […]

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Contact Us, Your Move

Your Move, Our Services

We are a team of graduates and masters students from top universities such as the University of Surrey, SOAS, and the University of Birmingham. We offer affordable professional career and educational aid e.g. helping with your CV, cover letters, personal statements, university financial planning, proofreading, and editing. Common mistakes made by those who might benefit […]

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Apr 16, Your Move

Why Recruitment Is Just Like Online Dating!

Unrealistic Expectations – We all have our perfect match in mind. Mine being a tall South American who loves Arsenal and Little Mix.  Whilst it is an ideal I dream about way too much and genuinely believe I will find each time I login to my dating app. In reality the chances are slim to […]

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Apr 16, Your Culture


I have been weary…. Weary of being weary And tired of being tired I have wanted to fly to a place Far East where the sun Kisses the sea or even better Vanish to where the wind blows And never returns Solitude hugged my soul and Discontentment had become A familiar song to my ears […]

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