Nov 18, Your World

Where Are The Black Teachers At?

A couple of months ago The Move posted a poll on twitter to ask you all ‘How many black teachers/academics have taught you throughout your education?’ This was following a research report which found that: Out of more than 18,000 professors at UK universities, only about 110 are black Only 3.2% of academic managers, directors […]

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Oct 18, Your World

The Value Of The Black Consumer

In the wonderful world of Black UK Twitter, you are bound to come across some of the most ludicrous comments and opinions one could ever think of (but I’m not judging). However, there are times when you can also find interesting and thought-provoking opinions which remind me all is not lost on us. Funnily enough, […]

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Oct 18, Your Culture

Black Brits knocking on overseas doors

There must be something in the air because Black Brits are travelling like never before. It is almost impossible to scroll through social media without seeing someone you know ‘living their best life’ abroad. Bali, Dubai, Santorini, and Thailand are just some of the destinations people have been flocking to lately. As a travel lover […]

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Dec 17, Your World


Social media is a very new form of communication and we are the first generation who are growing up with it and experiencing its highs and lows. But because we are the first generation who have been there from the humble beginnings of BB, Bebo, and Myspace to the modern day giants of Twitter, Insta, […]

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Nov 17, Your Culture

#BlackExcellence – What’s all the fuss about?

In the age of information abundance and millennial satisfaction, social media plays a massive role in dictating the trends of culture. Right now, amongst all the hashtags, one that seems to be doing the regular rounds on ‘Black Twitter’ and other affiliates is #BlackExcellence. The idea is that we, our community, are celebrating individuals who […]

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Feb 17, Your Culture

21st Century Dating

“Are we ready to show each other on facebook?” “Good morning” and “Goodnight” texts? “Why is he liking photos of other girls on instagram?” These are all relationship related terms and questions which has only really emerged since the millennial dating scene began. The rise of social media has ignited a huge change in the […]

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Nov 16, Your World

Black Britain reacts to President – Elect Trump

After witnessing months and months of one of the most controversial Presidential elections, despite the opinion of polls which up to this point had been very much in favour of Hillary Clinton, this week America decided to elect Donald Trump as president for the next 4 years. Black Britain took to social media to reflect […]

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