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Want To Write For The Move? It’s Simple.

Looking to showcase your skills and experience to people like yourself? We’re always looking for talented Black British writers, content creators, photographers, videographers business owners, freelancers, corporate and public sector workers and the like to share their experience or create a compelling and engaging piece on topics they are passionate about. At The Move we […]

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About Us

An online platform with the main purpose of aiding Black British millennial’s in their professional and educational careers. We also cover a range of social, economic and political issues faced within ‘Black Britain’, whilst also promoting aspects of our culture often overlooked in mainstream media in hopes of engaging other millennial’s in a conversation. Check […]

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Nov 18, Your World

Why Politics Needs More Black People

We live in interesting times as the old adage goes and never has the need been greater for more diversity of voices on our political sphere. We know that bad policies will invariably impact us in a negative way, as black people we are more prone to unemployment, poor housing, discrimination and poorer health outcomes. […]

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Oct 18, Your World

#TheLawIn60Seconds – Black History Month Special

Earlier this year, I posted the first of my #TheLawIn60Seconds videos online. I have been surprised by the positive response and it is great to see that they are helping make the law accessible. If you have not already seen the videos, please do take a look. They are only 60 seconds long but should […]

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Apr 18, Your World

Facebook Sold Our Personal Information To Who?

Over the last few weeks I’d been hearing and seeing the words ‘Cambridge analytical’ on the news and social media, alongside the hashtag #DeleteFacebook. Although, vaguely aware of what was going on I hadn’t taken the time out to do a bit of digging to become more informed about what was actually going on. My […]

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Feb 18, Your World

Is homosexuality un-African?

It’s no secret that homophobia is rife in Africa and the diaspora; at large. From the one thousand and one songs we all bop to condemning gay people to death, to the fact that homosexuality is still deemed a criminal activity in most African countries, it’s safe to say that most Africans were raised in […]

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Oct 17, Your Culture, Your World

Racial Colour-blindness in the UK

We are all one race, the human race  Things are so much better now, there are so many jobs out there now.  Not everything has to do with race I’m not a racist but… I’m not racist some of my friends are Black  “I don’t have a racist bone in my body?” That is not […]

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Aug 17, Your World

What is Rape Culture?

Rape culture is a sociological/anthropological term (no, it’s not crazy SJW talk) used to describe how rape is prevalent and normalised due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. Rape culture refers to how, as a culture, we are socialised to see certain situations as normal or “just how things are”. It ranges from ‘harmless’ […]

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Jan 17, Your World

Differences Matter

Differences matter in life. Sometimes we need them to make life better, sometimes they make life awkward or uncomfortable and unfortunately sometimes they make life worse; but ultimately: they matter. We live in a world that isn’t very accepting or accommodating to people that are different and so it is very easy to assume that […]

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